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Users of Online Child Sexual Abuse Material

Abstract Online communities on darknet contribute to sexual violence against children. They provide offender access to Child Sexual Abuse Material and to a group of peers that supports criminal activities. [...]
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Preventing abuse theory

Criminologists Cohen and Felson (1979) proposed a “basic chemistry of a crime” (figure 1), not just to do with sexual abuse. For any crime to occur, three necessary elements must [...]
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Steps towards prevention

The journey of the offender towards sexual abuse of a child starts with the development of an interest to engage in sexual contact with a child. Factors that influence this motivation [...]
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What is Child Sexual Abuse?

All countries agree that sex is an important part of adult relationships, where both people know each other and understand what sex is. [First published on ecsa.lucyfaithfull.org] But children do [...]
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Child Sexual Abuse Can Be Preventable

We need to acknowledge the possibilities and opportunities available to protect children before abuse occurs. In fact, child sexual abuse can be avoided to some extent, and our responsibility is [...]
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