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WordPress basic code – tutorial

If you are an Editor on Sparks in the Dark, you will need some basic codes to edit text in the Initiative or Organisation fields. To use it, just copy and paste the parts of the code.
Note that the blog post editor, which is also used for the About field in Initiatives and Organisations, allows you to edit the text with easily accessible options, without the need of using the code.


If you need to separate different paragraphs in one field, specify the beginning and end of each paragraph by opening it with <p> and closing with the same code with an additional slash “/” inside, like this:

<p> ... parragraph 1 ... </p>
<p> ... parragraph 2 ... </p>

If you need a space between the paragraphs, just add a break <br> in between:

<p> ... parragraph 1 ... </p>
<p> ... parragraph 2 ... </p>

Editing the text

You can also bold <b> … </b>, underline <u> … </U> or italicise <i> … </i>.
For example, this text:

Our activities:
1. Italic
2. Bold and italic

Should be coded like this:

<p><b> Our activities:</b></p>
<p><i>1. Italic</i></p>
<p><b><i>2. Bold and italic</b></i></p>


To list Partners and other things, open the list with <ul> and put <li> code before each point. Then close the list with </ul>. You will get this effect:

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four

It should look like this:



If you need to add a link to the text, this is the code that you need:

<a href="put your link here"> this is the text that will be linked </a>

To create a link with the e-mail address, like this: contact@sparksinthedark.net, this is the code. You will find it very useful for the “contact short” field.

<a class="bde-text-link-183-162 bde-text-link breakdance-link" href="mailto:your e-mail address?subject=&amp;body=" target="_self" data-type="contact">your e-mail address</a>
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