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About Sparks in the Dark

A community site to showcase EU-funded projects and other initiatives countering CSAE, raising awareness among professionals, policymakers, governments and citizens.


On 24th July 2020, the European Commission adopted a strategy for a More Effective Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse. The document outlines a broad range of efforts to counter the growing threat of CSA and exploitation in our online and offline communities.

Following the strategy, the EU funded multiple actions to help fight Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (CSAE). However, information and outputs are scattered and hard to find for policymakers, practitioners and other stakeholders. To help with this challenge, a community of projects has launched this website to capture the most relevant content from across EU-funded projects – compiling them in one place and supplementing them with appropriate resources from other vital initiatives throughout Europe and worldwide.

The Goals

The primary goal is to help simplify the broad landscape connected with CSAE actions, complementing the EU’s strategy. Like the strategy, the website focuses on three key pillars: prevention, detection & investigation and support to victims and survivors.

Sparks in the Dark combines key reports, news, findings and campaigns from projects in one place to help raise awareness about the critical points needing to be addressed.

The ARICA project kicked off the initiative and set the foundations of this website. Still, the ultimate goal is to include all EU-funded initiatives (ISF and Horizon Europe, Direct Grants, etc.) and build a strong community dedicated to countering CSAE. Currently, the site is administered by PPHS - an active partner in the EU Security Research domain, a partner connected with several related projects, including 2PS and CYCLOPES.

Of course, thousands of private and charitable organisations are implementing fantastic work globally. Realistically, having all actions highlighted in one space would be too demanding and cluttered. However, we must acknowledge the tremendous efforts and contributions of the leading initiatives worldwide. Therefore, the Sparks in the Dark community tries to signpost pivotal actions and highlight key outputs, events and milestones in the CSAE space.

Please get in touch with us if you think something is missing and should be added to the site.

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How do we Achieve Our Goals

The website gathers and presents the most relevant information about CSAE in one place, filtering it and highlighting the most important points in a user-friendly manner. Our aim is to present the content in an understandable and simplistic way. Even without a deep knowledge of the subject, our audience should be able to extract vital points.

If you want to improve the site and believe you can contribute, please consider joining the Sparks Community.

Through this website, we also want to showcase different initiatives (non-EU projects) fighting CSAE. Those actions can highlight their work in easily consumable, bite-sized summaries specifically for policymakers and politicians. Additionally, our social media profiles are meant to be used to make contact with different actions to further disseminate their efforts.

The Community

Sparks in the Dark is a community platform, meaning the content provided here is published by the representatives of multiple initiatives dedicated to combating CSAE. Through this joint effort, we are able to present a view of the domain as wide as possible through perspectives of a variety of organisations and projects. In the long term, Sparks in the Dark will likely be financed from different grants and budgets by various entities. If you want to help us sustain and develop this website, check the information here.

If you would like to join this community to contribute with your knowledge; please contact us!

And if you would like to help promote this initiative, please visit the Media Pack page where you can find the press release and promotional graphics prepared specially for this reason. This will be much appreciated. 

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The website is funded through contributions from various projects, including several EU‑funded initiatives — you can find more details about them on the About Us page. However, the views and opinions expressed are those of the author(s) of specific publications only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union.

Neither the European Union nor any other granting authority can be held responsible for the content.

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