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Sparks in the Dark at C1b3rWall

May 6, 2024
ALUNA – Child protection centred strategies to fight against sexual abuse and exploitation

International Workshop on Prevention and Investigation Strategies to Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Crimes

In conjunction with CIb3rWall 2024: June 18 to 20, 2024 Escuela Nacional de Policía, Ávila, Spain

Members of the Sparks in the Dark community will gather in Spain on June 19th and 20th for the popular C1b3rWall conference.

Established in 2018 at the National Police School, a part of the Training and Improvement Division of the National Police, the C1b3rWall project aims to foster a collaborative environment between public and private organisations, focusing on the enhancement of cybersecurity training.

This year, the event will incorporate a significant focus on Prevention and Investigation Strategies to Combat Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation.

The International Workshop is organised by Sparks in the Dark members, HEROES, ALUNA, and CESAGRAM—all projects funded by the EU under the Horizon and ISF programmes.

The Sparks Conference at CIb3rWall will assemble international experts to:

The workshop on the 19th will be followed by a three-hour networking session on the 20th. This combination of presentations and discussions will create an ideal setting for participants to share their projects’ contributions and explore potential synergies and cooperative endeavours.

In addition, the CYCLOPES project—a network for cybercrime practitioners—will conduct several webinars leading up to the conference to maximise the effectiveness of the physical meeting. These online sessions are designed to acquaint law enforcement officers with the latest investigative tools and solutions flowing from the EU-funded projects contributing to progress under the ‘detection and investigation’ pillar of the EU strategy.

The Sparks in the Dark meeting during the C1b3rWall conference aligns closely with the event’s overarching mission to develop essential, high-quality skills and capabilities for professionals in the field.

View the Event Agenda and Practical Guide Here

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