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CYCLOPES Webinars June 2024

June 12, 2024
CYCLOPES: Fighting Cybercrime – Law Enforcement Practitioners' Network

In a short series of webinars organised through the CYCLOPES Network, we brought together several outstanding presentations and demonstrations from projects and private organisations working to counter child sexual abuse and exploitation.

On Monday, 10th and Tuesday, 11th June, CYCLOPES hosted two 90-minute webinars featuring information from the following:


  • Results and findings from the most recent CYCLOPES Practitioners’ workshop in Malta, focusing on ‘Law Enforcement Investigation of the Misuse of Virtual Reality Technologies and Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence to Generate Child Sexual Abuse Material.’


  • Stronger cooperation, automation, and two-way data exchange. CPORT supports law enforcement in investigating cases of CSAM using intelligence from hotlines.


  • Nexus Platform, which identifies known illegal visual content using hash databases from various sources. It speeds up case processing by automatically detecting known CSAM content, both images and videos and identifying duplicates.

ARICA – Assessing Risk Indicators of Child Sexual Abuse:

  • A two-year project funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund, aiming to support law enforcement agencies in fighting child sexual abuse. It develops technologies to enhance LEAs’ capabilities in investigating online CSAM.

HEROES Project:

  • Explores the latest technological advances and new strategies to prevent and combat CSA/CSE and human trafficking, investigate crimes, and better protect victims.

ALUNA Project:

  • Takes an innovative, ambitious, interdisciplinary, and international child-protection-centred approach to fighting CSA/CSE crimes. It aims to use technology to improve help and support for CSA/CSE victims.


  • A trust and safety platform that helps identify, investigate, and mitigate zero-day risks. It addressed trends and concerning developments of Generative AI fuelling the proliferation of child sexual abuse materials and gateway synthetic content that fuels online harm.

The webinars were aimed at law enforcement and specifically addressed challenges within the ‘investigation and detection’ pillar of the EU’s strategy for an improved response to child sexual abuse. However, the sessions emphasised the importance of a holistic, whole-system response requiring cooperation and collaboration between all actors to contribute to a safer online environment for children.

The webinar recordings and supporting materials are available to the CYCLOPES community and extended law enforcement networks. If you work in law enforcement and want to access the content, please join the community.

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