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Preparations for New International Workshop Agereement: Guidelines for Barnahus, a child friendly multidisciplinary and interagency response model for abused children

June 10, 2024
Barnahus Network

The Barnahus (Children’s House) model is a child-centered, multidisciplinary, and interagency approach designed to investigate and address child abuse. This model offers a comprehensive framework that creates a safe and friendly environment for children. By bringing together relevant services under one roof, it ensures a coordinated and effective response while minimizing the risk of re-traumatization during investigations and court proceedings.

Although the Barnahus model has primarily been implemented and recognized in Europe, its flexibility allows it to be adapted to various national contexts. However, to function as a Barnahus, there are fundamental criteria and guidelines that must be followed universally.

The upcoming workshop provides an opportunity to tailor the model to different local conditions. The participation of experts from around the globe is crucial for incorporating local knowledge and finding ways to make the model effective in diverse circumstances.

Registered participants will receive a draft version of the International Workshop Agreement (IWA). These agreements are designed to involve a wide range of interested parties and are approved by consensus among workshop participants.

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